Specializing in orthopedic bone screws, bone plates, and instruments.

  • Custom implants and instruments are available
    for special applications.

Mercury Orthopedics Design, Instruments, plates, screws for medical applications.

Orthopedic Fasteners

All thread forms and materials

At Mercury Orthopedics and Design, we specialize in…

  • Precision thread grinding and chasing, internal and external.
  • Thread forms:
    • American National Thread Form 60°
    • Acme Thread Form 29°
    • Buttress Thread 7-45°
    • Molds
    • Metric Thread Form
    • All military MIL-Standards, J-thread series
    • Worms…any form, lead, or multiple start
    • Lock threads
  • Complete lead screw service. Rework or new replacement lead screw and nut assemblies. Let Mercury blank and thread grind your lead screws complete to fit your need.
  • State of the art- thread inspection lab.
  • Red Line Delivery. When you need it yesterday, 24 to 48 hour thread service according to size and quantity.
  • Special machining services. Mercury offers special blanking or tooling operations for your machine parts requirement. Let Mercury help you with your threading needs or problems today.

Mercury Orthopedics and Design provides any and all of your orthopedic needs.