Experience plus state-of-the-art facilities equals
top-quality products.

  • Since 1980, Mercury has been involved in the manufacturing fo high quality surgical implants and instrumentation, serving as a contract manufacturer for some of the largest companies in both the human and veterinary market.

Mercury Orthopedics Design, Instruments, plates, screws for medical applications.

Human Medical Applications

All products are manufactured complete at the Mercury Orthopedic state-of-the-art facility which includes 100% Quality Control on site. Trauma products are totally compatible in quality with the leaders in the Human Market Industry.

Implant Material

  • All implants are manufactured from 316 LVM implant grade stainless steel per ASTMF 138 standard.
  • Titanium implants can be purchased upon special request.
  • Custom implant design and manufacturing availalble upon specific need.


Mercury Orthopedic offers 25% below industry list price. Quantity discount available.

Mercury Orthopedics and Design provides any and all of your orthopedic needs.